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(Solved) : Updated Write Simple Java Game Code Player Clicks Red Blocks Panel Gain Points Block Doesn Q35535923

(UPDATED!) Write a simple JAVA game code where player clicks thered blocks on panel A and gain points if block doesnt have “bomb”or loose if there is one. Player has to uncover 3 blocks withoutbomb. The requirements are:

* Panel should have 10 smaller panels with 5 randomly placed”bombs”

* The aim of the game is for a player to click on each squareand gain points. The player must score a point every time theyclick on a square without “bomb”

* If they click on a square and the bomb is not there thatsquare must change colour (any colour) to indicate that they haveclicked on that square.

* Your program must include the functionality to ensure that the“bomb is hidden” inside one of these square within Panel. By thebomb being hidden, all this means is that when the player clicks onthe square with the “bomb”, a message is displayed that says “Youlose!” (the points being a variable number depending on theplayer’s outcome). If player uncovers 3 squares without bomb, amessage should appear “You won!”


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