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(Solved) : Use Html External Css Write Code 1 Include Animation Animation Would Simply Change Backgro Q35567728

use HTML and external CSS  write code:

1)You should include an animation. This animation would besimply to change the background color from cyan to green and thecolor of the font should change from the black (default) to white.You can set up the time to be between 5 and 10 seconds and theanimation should stop with the background color green and the fontcolor white. Other than this animation, the rest of thepage should be kept the same way as theoriginal, including the background color, size, and colorof the font, etc. (all, of course, being determined by CSS).

2) Extra credit (1 point) –includes an animation that will act as a banner with a sentence togo from the left to the right side of the page without interruption– should be a continuous and infinite movement. Can be a shortsentence in the banner that you will create – you will not find thewords/sentence in the homework file. The “banner” should be shownat the top part of the page but below the first heading (look atthe file/short movie shown here below showing how the banner shouldbe animated). Do not use obsolete HTML to create the banner and thebanner should be seen all time

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