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(Solved) : Use Repl Python3 Write Including Optional One Write Utility Convert Raw Scores Letter Grad Q35611512 or python3 to write these including the optional one.
Write a utility to convert raw scores into letter grades1. Write a program to prompt the user to enter a raw score asa decimal (float) between 0.0 and 1.0. If the score is out ofrange, print an error message. If the score is between 0.0 and 1.0,print a grade using the following table:Score Grade>= 0.9 A>= 0.8 B>= 0.7 C>= 0.6 D< 0.6 F [add a personalized statement ofencouragement]Your program should indicate whether the input is bad with“Your Name reports data is in incorrect format”Hint: try a nested conditional structure
2. Run the program repeatedly to test the various differentvalues for input to check to see if your program handles bad inputcorrectly.Ex.Enter score: 0.95AEnter score: perfectYour Name reports data is in incorrect formatEnter score: 10.0Your Name reports data is in incorrect formatEnter score: 0.75CEnter score: 0.5F, a personalized statement of encouragement3. Add comments to your program (using #) that explain whatthe key lines of your program are doing
4. Optional: to add greater realism and relevance for thisclass, add plus and minus grades, with a minimum of ._4 for thewhole grades and ._7 for the plus grades (the ._0 grades are nowminus grades) [earns up to +10% on lab grade]

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