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(Solved) : Using Oracle Create Relational Database Created Table Create Table Bookingcategory Reserva Q35630620

I am using oracle to create my relational database:

I created this table:

CREATE TABLE BookingCategory
ReservationNumber NUMBER (10) NOT NULL,
RoomCategoryID NUMBER (10) NOT NULL,
ReservationStatusCode NUMBER (10) NOT NULL,
CONSTRAINT RN_RC_PK PRIMARY KEY (ReservationNumber,RoomCategoryID),
CONSTRAINT ReservationNumber_FK FOREIGN KEY (ReservationNumber)REFERENCES Reservation (ReservationNumber),
CONSTRAINT RoomCategoryID_FK FOREIGN KEY (RoomCategoryID)REFERENCES RoomCategory (RoomCategoryID),
CONSTRAINT RSC_FK FOREIGN KEY (ReservationStatusCode) REFERENCESReservationStatus (ReservationStatusCode)

I am trying to use an UPDATE query, but it is giving me errors.I tried to drop the primary key but it also gave an error.

I also tried to drop the foreign key but it did not workeither.

This is my query:

UPDATE BookingCategory
SET ReservationStatusCode = 2,
WHERE ReservationNumber = 89981005;

How can i update this table?

What are my choices?

Why am i not allowed to update primary and foreign keys?

Write the queries that i should use!

Maybe i am typing something wrong.

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