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(Solved) : Want Write Function Called Sorttwo Takes Two Integer Parameters Function Called First Para Q35592046

We want to write a function called sortTwo that takes twointeger parameters, and after the function is called the firstparameter is the smaller of the two values, and the secondparameter is the larger of the two values. In other words, this isa miniature sorting function. For this problem you must supply themissing code for PARTs 1, 2, and 3 in the program below. // PART 1:function prototype int main ( ) { int x,y; scanf ( “%d %d”, &x,&y ); sortTwo( ….. ); // PART 2: call the function printf (“%d %d”, x, y ); } // PART 3 – the function header and body voidsortTwo ( …. ) { …. what code goes here ? …. }

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