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(Solved) : Write Assembly Language Program Masm Perform Following Tasks Generate First N Numbers Sequ Q35616070

Write an assembly language program in MASM to perform thefollowing tasks:

Generate the first N numbers of the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13 …; the sequence is generated as ܨ௡ ൌ ܨ௡ିଵ ൅ ܨ௡ିଶ with seedvalues ܨଵ ൌ 1 , ܨଶ ൌ 1 You will define a DWORD array to store thesequence, and define the following procedures: 1) main: promptusers to enter the length of the sequence N; call genSeq togenerate the sequence of N integers; call sumSeq to calculate thesum of the sequence; call displaySeq to display the sequence andthe sum. 2) genSeq: generate the sequence. 3) sumSeq: calculate thesum of the sequence. 4) displaySeq: display the sequence and thesum.

The sequence is saved in a DWORD array  

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