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(Solved) : Write Average Three Numbers Following Principle Good Programming Style Use Descriptive Var Q35553692

Write “The average of the three numbers is” Which of thefollowing is not a principle of good programming style? Usedescriptive variable names Test the program Provide commentsexplaining your code Identify, using text, the numbers that areoutput Which of the following statements is true? A flowchart is apictorial representation of the flow of a program. If you use aflowchart to design a program, you cannot use pseudocode for thesame program. Comments are helpful to programmers but must be usedwith care since an incorrectly worded comment can cause a programcrash. Hierarchy charts are just a different name for flowcharts.Which of these statements would most likely to be found in an InputData Module? Write “The average of the three numbers is” SetAverage = (Number1 + Number2 + Number3)/3 None of these Write”Enter three numbers:” Which of the following is not one of thebasic control structures? Selection Modularization SequenceRepetition The two fundamental types of errors that can arise whencoding a program are: logic and syntax errors coding and testingerrors logic and testing errors syntax and testing errors Which ofthe following statements is true? Arrows are used to connect oneprogram segment to another. Structured programming is a means bywhich programmers control the user’s input. If you don’t use goodprogramming style, then your programs will not run. To debug aprogram means to correct its errors. Which type of error causes aprogram to run but provide incorrect or unexpected results? a logicerror all of these a modular error a syntax error Another term todescribe walking through a program to see if you get the expectedresults is called _________. Use of an incorrect formula to producea desired result is a type of __________ error. When using thefollowing symbol, there are two arrows coming out of it. One arrowcorresponds to what happens in the program if the answer to thequestion if it is ____________ and the other corresponds to whathappens next if the answer to the question is __________ Anotherterm for repetition structures is _ _____________ are ignored bythe computer when the program executes. Programming is a __________process because, after each step it may be necessary to revise.Most documentation prepared for the lay person to explain how touse a particular piece of software is written by a __________writer. A ________ segment is represented as a diamond shape andtypically contains a Yes/No question or a True/False test.___________ programming is a method used to design and codeprograms in a systematic, organized manner. A synonym for adecision structure is a(n) __________ structure. Connectors arerepresented as _________ and are used to connect one programsegment; in other words, it indicates an entry to or exit from aprogram segment. In a __________ structure there is a branchforward at some point, causing a portion of the program to beskipped.

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