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(Solved) : Write C Method Discover Difference Two Arrays Assume Given Two Integer Arrays Say A1 A2 Su Q35543262

Write a C# method to discover the difference between two arrays.Assume you are given two integer arrays, say a1 and a2, supposethey contain no duplicates. Your method should find the items froma1, which are not included in a2. The resulting array collectionmust be returned to the caller.
Example. Let a1 and a2 be as follows, int[] a1 = {55, 33, 11 }; and int[] a2 = { 22, 33, 55, 44, 66, 88, 99 }. Thereturned array should be int[] a3 = { 11 };

Your method must NOT print anything (do not useConsole.WriteLine() ). Your method’s header is

private static int[] ArrayDifference (int[] a1, int[] a2)

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