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(Solved) : Write C Program Prompts User Enter Series Integers Represent Coded Message Given Decoder P Q35562054

Write a C program that prompts the user to enter a series ofintegers that represent a coded message. I have given you thedecoder program so that you can see how it is written using arraynotation. Your assignment is to convert the code to a program thatuses only pointers and pointermath.

Your program must use pointernotation and pointer math (i.e. no arrayindex notation other than in the declaration section, no arrays ofpointers and no pointer offsets).

The dialog with the user might look like:

Enter string digits to decode:

109 138 145 145 148 81 69 142 153 76 152 69 146 138 7010

Enter the secret offset integer: 37


Hello, it’s me!

Note: The bold text representsthe “user input” from your program and is shown for clarity onlyhere. It is not required that your output be in this color. (Do noteven attempt to try!). Also note that what the user types in isindicated by the bolded black text above. Again, for clarity only.(The text will limited to an 80 character message. To test, copyand paste the entire line of digits above).

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