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(Solved) : Write C Program Using C Char Char String Processing Write Function Prompts Use Enter Mess Q35599382

Write a C++ program, using C++only.

– char-by-char string processing

  1. Write a function which prompts a use to enter a message (ofunknown length and content), then return the read-in string to thecaller (you won’t need any parameters, but you will need a localstring variable).
  2. Write a function that accepts a single string parameter, thenoutputs the following statistics about the string to thescreen:
  3. The number of characters in the string
  4. The number of uppercase characters
  5. The number of lowercase characters
  6. The number of numbers (digits)
  7. The number of punctuation characters
  8. The number of whitespace characters

HINT: With the exception of determining the number of characters(which doesn’t require char-by-char processing), it is best (andsimplest in the long run) to count all of these statistics bylooping through the characters of the string only once to test eachchar.

Nothing is sent back to the caller…either using parameters or areturn.

Write a main() that tests your functions.

  • Call the first and input:

Let’s meet at MOD Pizza at 6:00 p.m. for dinner on Friday the15th.

  • Send this string to your 2nd , to output itsstatistics.

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