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(Solved) : Write C Program Using C String Functions Read Output Concatenate Append Strings Writing 2 Q35599340

Write a C++ program, using C++only.

String functions: Read and Output, Concatenate(+) and/or append() strings

You will be writing 2 functions plus a main() function.Here are my function prototypes to get you going. But if you’drather write your own, that is OK as long as the match therequirements below.

void GetMeals (string& breakf, string& lun,string& din, string& snak);
string AllDayMeals (string breakf, string lun, string din, stringsnak);

  1. Write a function with pass-by-reference parameters, to read infavorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods (4 strings).These are input a line-at-a-time using getline(cin, …..)
  2. Write a function with pass-by-value parameters, and a returnstatement that will concatenate these 4 strings into a singlestring of this format (including the newlines):

My favorite breakfast is bacon and eggs,

my favorite lunch is cheeseburger with fries,

my favorite dinner is meat pinwheels,

and I love to snack on peanuts or almonds!

Write a main() that tests your functions.

  • Call the first to get your meal favs. YOUR CHOICE of meal items(as in, they don’t have to match the above).
  • Then call the 2nd function. After that, simply cout<< the returned string.

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