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(Solved) : Write C Program Windows Form Load Parse Xml Configuration Files Vehicles Program Able Hand Q35584961

Write C# program in Windows Form to  to Load and Parsethe XML configuration files for vehicles. The program should beable to handle badly formed files or errors in the data in asuitable manner without crashing the program. Need to create XMLfiles for testing purposes.

Then it should allow users to write any SQL query theywish and have it run against the database. The program shouldreturn sensible errors any time the SQL written is not valid. Theusers should NOT be allowed to add, modify or delete data from thedatabase.

An example layout of the XML file is as follows:

For Petrol Vehicles











For Electric Vehicles











These specifications are then stored in two of three databasetables in an SQLite database. The database schema is shown below:

Table : Vehicle

vehicleID – varchar(20) (Primary Key)

engine – varchar(20)

range – integer

weight – integer

carryCapacity – integer

topspeed – real

Table : Petrol

vehicleID – varchar(20) (Primary Key)

noise – integer

cylinders – integer

Table : Electric

vehicleID – varchar(20) (Primary Key)

voltage – integer

brushed – integer

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