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(Solved) : Write Collatz Program Output Collatz Conjecture Sequence Refer Https Enwikipediaorg Wiki C Q35557996

Write a ‘Collatz’ program tooutput the Collatz-Conjecturesequence (Refer to:

Problem Statement: Implementthe program by POSIX sharedmemory and structure yourprogram by the producer-consumermode. The program should bewritten in two separate files‘Collatz-Producer.c’ and‘Collatz-Consumer.c’.

(1) This program should workas follows:

(a) The producer processwrites the contents of thesequence to the shared-memoryobject.  Its mainsteps are listed asfollows:

  • Perform error checking toensure that the input isvalid.
  • Establish the shared-memoryobject.
  • Writes the contents of theshared memory.

(b) The consumer processoutputs the sequence when theproducer completes. Its mainsteps are listed asfollows:

  • Open the shared-memory object.
  • Output the contents of the shared memory.
  • Remove the shared-memory object.

(2) Here is a sample run tohelp you with debugging:

  ./Collatz-Producer  35

  Producer: Writingthe sequence to the shared-memoryobject is done!   


  Consumer: Theoutput sequence is: 35,106, 53, 160, 80, 40, 20, 10, 5, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1

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