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(Solved) : Write Following Programs Using Pointers Wrtie Function Uses Pointers Reads String Returns Q35583616

Write the following programs using pointers:

  1. Wrtie a function that uses pointers, reads a string and returnsa string in reverse order.
  2. Write a program that reads a string and creates a cyclicalarray. A cyclical array is an array when the last element ispointing to the first one. Then write a loop that uses pointers andloops through the array starting from the first element andfinishes after it visits the first element 5 times.
  3. Run the following code and explain what are the contents ofeach variable at each step and why? Are there errors returned?Explain those.

Int n=5 ;

Int k=10;

Const int f=20;

Int *x = &n;

Const int *m =&k;

*m = *x;




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