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(Solved) : Write Program Menu Layout Asks User Want 1 Converts Feet Inches Meter Centimeters 2 Conver Q35571067

Write a Program that has a menu with a  layout below,that asks the user if they want to:

1. Converts from feet and inches to meter and centimeters

2. Converts from meter and centimeters to feet and inches

3. Quit the program

The program should continue as long as the user asks it to.

The program will use a switch statement for the menu optionselection. Either a do loo or a do-while loop can be used for theoverall program operation in main. Make sure your while or do-whilestatement is a conditional one (for example, while(loop==’y’)) tokeep looping.

Reminder to not use any global variables except for constants,which should be in caps.

Use a function for menu, the Eng2Metric and Metric2Eng functionswhich are not required to return not accept and inputs.

For example, the Eng2metric function will ask the user to enterthe feet and inches and output the meters in a fraction as insomething like 1.45 meters.

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