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(Solved) : Write Program Produce Sales Receipt Time User Clicks Button Item Price Read Pair Text Boxe Q35589301

Write a program to produce a sales receipt. Each time the userclicks on a button, an item and its price should be read from apair of text boxes and displayed in a properly aligned list box.Use a class-level variable to track the sum of the prices.

When the user clicks on a second button (after all entries havebeen made), the program should display the number of itemspurchased, sum of the prices, the sales tax (assuming an HST of 13%of the total), and the total amount to be paid.

The “Close Transaction” button should clear out the listbox andall of your variables should be reset to their default values. Thisis to allow a new transaction to take place.

The figure bellow shows a sample output of the program. Youroutput should be formatted to look something similar to what isshown here. Note: These are dollar values and therefore should berestricted to the appropriate number of decimal places etc.

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