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(Solved) : Write Program Simulate Rolling Three Dices Simultaneously Keep Rolling Three Dices Three D Q35543689

Write a program to simulate rolling three dicessimultaneously. Keep rolling these
three dices until the three dices show the values of “1”, “2”, and“3” (we call this
condition 1. The dices are in no particular orders to show thesevalues in this case).
Then the program shows the values of the three dices and the numberof rolling so
far. After that the rolling continues (and counting of the numberof rolling
continues too) until the first dice shows the value of “1” whilecondition 1 is also
satisfied. Your program then shows the total number of rolling andstops. You are
encouraged to simplify the logical expressions, with less operandsand operators,
used in your program.

It should be a java program

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