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(Solved) : Write Program Take Depth Kilometers Inside Earth Input Data Compute Display Temperature De Q35592701

Write a program to take a depth ( IN kilometers) inside theearth as input data; compute and display the temperature at thisdepth in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit the relevantformulas are :

Celsius 10(depth) = 20 // this formula calculates celsiustemperature at depth in km/

fahrenheit= 1.8(Celsius)+32

INclude TWO FUNCTIONS IN ADDITION TO MAIN IN YOUR PROGRAM.FUNCTION celsius_at_depth should take depth as an input parametercompute and return celsius temperature at a depth measured inkilometers. function convert_farenheit should take celsiustemperature as an input parameter then convert Celsius temperatureto Fahrenheit and return the Fahrenheit value.

NOTE: NO GLOBAL VARIABLES ALLOWED. PROGRAM solved using inputparameters. Include a user interface. the user must enter the valuefor depth.

Please and thank you

IN C programing language not c++

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