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(Solved) : Write Program Use Three Functions C Int Getrow Function Name Getrow Purpose Function Prom Q35571760

  1. Write a program that use three functions in C++.
    1. int GetRow();

//Function Name: GetRow

//Purpose: This function will promptthe user for a row count.   The function should validatethe row // is greater than 0 and less than 21(data validationloop)

//Return Value: integer representingthe row

//Incoming Parameter: N/A

//Outgoing Parameter: N/A

  1. int GetCol();

            //Function Name: GetCol

            //Purpose: This function will prompt the user for a columncount.   The function should validate the

            // column is greater than 0 and less than 21 (data validationloop)    
            //Return Value: integer representing the column

            //Incoming Parameter: N/A

            //Outgoing Parameter: N/A

  1. void PrintRectangle(int row, int col);

//Function Name:   PrintRectangle

//Purpose: This function will take inas parameters from the calling function row and column counts

//                 and print a rectangle of X’s given thedimensions

//ReturnValue:        N/A

//Incoming Parameters: row and columncount

//Outgoing Parameter: N/A

  1. int main()

Your main program is now the driverof your program. Your driver should make use of the functions abovein order to input rows and columns and output the rectangles untilthe user wishes to stop the process.

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