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(Solved) : Write Program Used Calculate Federal Tax Tax Calculated Follows Single People Standard Exe Q35578589

Write a program that can be used to calculate the federal tax.The tax is calculated as follows: For single people, the standardexemption is $4,000; for married people, the standard exemption is$7,000. A person can also put up to 6% of his or her gross incomein a pension plan. The tax rates are as follows: If the taxableincome is:

  • Between $0 and $15,000, the tax rate is 15%.
  • Between $15,001 and $40,000, the tax is $2,250 plus 25% of thetaxable income over $15,000.
  • Over $40,000, the tax is $8,460 plus 35% of the taxable incomeover $40,000. Prompt the user to enter the followinginformation:
  • Marital status
  • If the marital status is “married,” ask for the number ofchildren under the age of 14
  • Gross salary (If the marital status is “married” and bothspouses have income, enter the combined salary.)
  • Percentage of gross income contributed to a pension fund Yourprogram must consist of at least the following functions:
    • Function getData: This function asks the user to enter therelevant data.
    • Function taxAmount: This function computes and returns the taxowed.

To calculate the taxable income, subtract the sum of thestandard exemption, the amount contributed to a pension plan, andthe personal exemption, which is $1,500 per person. (Note that if amarried couple has two children under the age of 14, then thepersonal exemption is $1,500 ∗ 4 = $6,000.)

it should pass the following inputs and outputs.

input sample one





output sample one


input two sample




sample two output


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