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(Solved) : Write Pseudocode Codes Pseudo Code Develop Pseudocode Could Implemented Coke Machine Accom Q35568689

Write just pseudocode for this not codes, just pseudo code:Develop pseudocode that could be implemented in a Coke machine thatwill accomplish what I described below: there’s an algorithm codedinto this vending machine that will select a Diet Coke for me andkeep the B1 – B5 slots as even as possible; i.e. it won’tnecessarily dispense a Diet Coke from B1 when I select B1. It’slikely a marketing goal to keep the front role filled. The overallgoal is to keep the B1 – B5 front row slots as even as possible andnot to allow an empty slot until absolutely necessary. Limit thepseudocode to Diet Cokes in slots B1 – B5. You are to pseudocodethe selection and dispensing portion of transaction if the machineis fully stocked with 50 cokes. Thank you

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