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(Solved) : Write Pseudocode Following Problem Create Flow Chart Pseudocode Charge School S Department Q35616138

Write pseudocode for the following problem and then create aflow chart for the pseudocode:

You are in charge of the school’s IT department and severalclasses are asking to by iPads for use in their classes. Based onthe number of iPads each class requested, determine the total costsfor each classroom. The only information given is that the iPadcosts $900, sales tax is 6.5% and there is a total of 5classrooms.

I wrote the following pseudocode:

Create a loop that runs 5 times

numberOfStudents = input

numberOfStudents * 1000 = cost

cost * .065 = salesTax

salesTax + cost = totalCost

Print totalCost


Is the pseudocode I wrote good for this problem? If so, can youassist me with the flow chart?

Thank you

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