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(Solved) : Write Regular Expression Match Ssns Per Following Rules Assume Ssns Start 0 Ssns Start End Q35556434

  1. Write a regular expression to match SSNs as per the followingrules:
  1. Assume SSNs do not start with a 0
  1. SSNs can start or end a line or, both
  1. SSNs can be followed or preceded by a whitespace
  1. SSNs can be followed or preceded by the punctuation symbol set:{ , . ; : ? ! }
  1. Also, match SSNs of the form xx-xxx-9999 OR XX-XXX-9999, whereonly the last 4 digits are exposed. For simplicity, assume a stringxX-XXXx-9999 will also match
  2. The – symbol in the SSNs is optional.

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